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If you’re tired of yo-yo-ing you’re weight, feel like you can’t seem to reach your goals and starting another diet feels hopeless: you’re in the right place!

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I have been a personal trainer, health coach, and sports nutrition expert for more than eight years. My career began with teaching group fitness classes for fun, but I developed a great passion for seeing women succeed and reach their potential. The rest is history.

My past is definitely filled with lots of roller coasters, but they have made me who I am and elevated me to a higher place in every way. I have yo-yo’d in my weight for years, struggled with eating disorders all the way from anorexia to excessive binging and am proud to say that I am now healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I am not just here to help people lose weight and look better in their clothes (although, that will happen and it is wonderful). I am here to help people break chains in their lives and bodies, find healing for past wounds, and develop strength from the inside out. Daily I coach people on how to bring balance and hope back into their lives. Because if you are struggling with your weight it is often more a heart and head issue than an motivational problem.

Every individual is capable of reaching their highest and best self.

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weight, making healthier meals and healthier choices.

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