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Susannah Zawko


Want to lose the weight and keep it off? Don't know where to start? Get your go-to guides here.


Cooking healthy food should be easy, fun, and affordable. Now it is!


Find your strength in numbers! My group fitness classes will get you moving, shaking and burning in every way imaginable.

Personal Training

Train one-on-one

A Fresh Approach To Health & Life

12-Week Transformation Meal Plan

Transform with 12 weeks of workouts and nutrition tailored just for you!

12-Week Transformation Workout Guide

12-Week Transformation Workout Guide

Transform your body and workouts

In less than 12 weeks, you can have not just the body you want —but the confidence, too!

Emergency Slimdown

Emergency Slimdown

Race against time

Slimdown quickly for your next big event, a date night or to simply jumpstart your fitness journey!

Before & After


Susannah helped me get in amazing shape through her Meal Plan and Workout Guide! I didn’t just lose weight. I became toned and it changed my entire body.

Susannah found my inner athlete and let her out! I’ve tried Nutri-System, Weight Watchers, fasting on bone broth, paleo dieting, other personal trainers and home workouts – but nothing worked. By doing what she not only says, but what she does will give you success. Her program is the single most effective thing I’ve ever done for my health and overall well-being.